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About us

High Voltage market in Sweden

We have a wide range of products for the High Voltage market mainly for Sweden but also for Europe. We represent competitive manufacturers of products and material from 1 to 420kV. We represent also companies for turn key operations in Sweden. Manufacturers are from Asia, North America and Europe.

The suppliers are usually

  • one of the biggest in Europe or big world wide
  • developing products which is of interest for Sweden
  • having interesting products that is new for Sweden

We work exclusively with our suppliers with their most competitive products on dedicated markets. We can therefore offer a wide range of very competitive products. Our target is to always work with products that are among the 3 highest in market share in Sweden.

Our customers are manufacturers of high voltage equipment, Dealers, Contractors, Plant Makers, Industry, Railways and Utilities.

Sales Network in Europe

We also represent manufacturers and sell their product or through our sales network.